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Spiritual Satanism is a life loving religious path. In following Spiritual Satanism/commiting to Satan, we are bringing back to life Humanity's original religious practice. Our Black ancestors practiced Spiritual Satanism

The journey in Spiritual Satanism is very life changing. While under the guidance of Satan and his Daemons, they look out for and protect us (physically and spiritually) from harm, teach us and help us evolve and grow. Ever since I came across Spiritual Satanism, my life has changed greatly, and I continue to advance and empower myself- its only getting better. I have also had many positive spiritual experiences. I have gained more confidence and self love along with appreciation of life and the importance of my soul. Life is always better with Satan.

It is important to know that when we are dedicated and open ourselves up to Satan and the Gods, we get exposed to their energy frequency- this opens ourselves to positive energy.

When one decides to follow this path, dedicating yourself to Satan is the next step. Dedication Ritual to Satan

In Spiritual Satanism, we are expected to better educate ourselves, study and increase our personal power through power meditation. The meditations on the JoyofSatan website will open you up and work to transform you. Power meditation Information

The JoyofSatan has thousands of members and we are continuing to grow. In order to communicate with other members, ask questions for assistance, sharing experiences and knowledge, please consider joining our e-groups and forum. Other clergy members, including myself, are available for guidance as well. We also have an egroup and forum for members of the black race for further learning! JoyofSatan E-group and Forum information



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