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 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Blacks for Satan is here for the betterment of all Black gentiles. Satan wants all of this information known and available to us. All of the articles on this entire website will prove to you and show you the reasons why our race is suffering and who is truly to blame. But before that, let us analyze the sad end result of lies and the enemy using our race to further their agenda and destroy us.  

In order for our race to advance and become better individuals, we MUST accept, understand and take responsibility for our actions and what we become. The power to change is in our hands. I already discussed the metaphysics of our race but now we must look at the negatives. Yes, negatives. Each race has negatives going for them and in varying degrees.

Its time to set the facts straight! 
We need truth in order for us to heal as a people!


 So far as a race, in America specifically...

Violence and homicide are the biggest offenses committed among Blacks:

*Note: The Black race overall has a tendency to be more aggressive and expressive (testosterone serum levels), This can be for better or for worst.*

-The murder rate is VERY HIGH with Blacks. Blacks kill themselves at very high rates and no amount of excuses or cover ups will change that.

-The Black demographic/population is only around 14 percent of the United States but commits half of the crime (rape, homicide, etc) in America. When you think about it, these crimes are committed virtually by black men, so that is only 4-5 percent of the population. Furthermore, the black demographic has not grown significantly, it stays the about the same these days because of the very high murder rate that blacks commit on THEMSELVES. NOT by white people or police.

The Black family unit is broken:

-The rate of single motherhood and children born out of marriage is at about 73 percent, more or less!

-Fatherlessness is very HIGH among Blacks and this causes destructiveness and mental issues for the child. Studies show this. Children without strong parental figures, namely fathers are like to get into trouble. Children need BOTH parents in their lives in order to stay in line and grow up healthily. Since Fatherless homes are high in the black community. This correlates to our youth joining gangs looking for structure and guidance elsewhere, as well as committing crime.

-Complete reliance on the Welfare state. This further works to break up the family unit and prepare the individual for Communism and complete dependence. *More about Communism here*

Lack of education and a substantial drop out rate:

There is a dramatic drop out rate in teens and young adults in school. This connects to parenting and lack of discipline and structure. The current "gangster" mentality and "black culture" sees getting an education and reading a book as acting "white" and going against blackness...

Drugs and Poverty:

Now this last one is not the fault of Blacks and I have covered this in different articles- the Enemy has brought this artificial system of induced poverty and drugs into black communities and to black Africa as a whole.

Poverty and drugs will cause abnormal and sick behavior among any people. However, there is lack of accountability as blacks should take control of their neighborhoods and communities to prevent drug dealers and enablers from selling to there own people. It is important to be leaders and take these matters into our own hands! Its the only way we can find the path of healing and transformation.

Brothers and Sisters, the numbers, statistics and data are not good. Just how does ignoring these facts work to uplift and improve our people? The enemy and their establishments keep trying to cover this up from us in order to keep us down and in bad shape as a race so that we have no strength to rise against them.

 It is to the point when our own black people try to educate us on this matter, they are then called SELL OUTS, LIARS and not BLACK ENOUGH. This cannot go on. We need to understand these truths so that we can fix these problems

Sources and further reading:

"The Un-civil War" By Taleeb Starkes

"Black Lies Matter" By Taleeb Starkes (This book has everything you need to know about black isssues and what I highlighted above)



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