Black Nationalism

Each race must have self determination, reliance, and preservation. These are important key factors in establishing peace and harmony, as well as empowerment for all. This is of Black Nationalism; Racial improvement and self-governance for all Black nations.

When the topic of racial separation is brought up, the reactions usually border the negative as one might automatically think of racial separation as racial discrimination, being alienated from the rest of society, etc. The truth is, each race wants and needs to be with their own. People naturally want to be with those who look like them. It is a natural biological response as humans are tribal.

Multiple races cannot live under one rule-- each race needs to rule itself. In multicultural societies, there will aways be one race or group that will feel like an outcast or that they are not being treated fairly and then there is racial tension. We see this ever-present throught out history and today.

On the subject of the Black race, It is apparent that Black people desire racial separation especially since many of them have the perception that we have been disenfranchised and cast as second class citizens (Thanks, Jews...)

Until we start ruling ourselves and cast the JEW out, we will not be able to grasp and experience the first step in racial advancement.

Marcus Garvey and Black Nationalism Link

For those of you who aren't aware of who Marcus Garvey is, he was a Black nationalist and political leader who tried to establish a Back-to-Africa Movement so that Black people can have their own societies and independent nations. He also believed in racial separation and the upliftment of all Black people worldwide. Marcus Garvey also affirmed that in addition to all Black people migrating back to their ancestral land, we should remove all 'foreign' control of it. I already wrote an article about how the Jewish race has raped and raped Africa constantly..and continues to do so today all the while using the Black Gentiless therein as their slave workers. Impoverished and abused. The thousands and thousands of deaths that have occurred over the last couple of decades are disgusting. Doctor Tony Martin is another Black nationalist who has written about the Jewish crimes against the Black race notably the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade.

It is a very worthy to read and study the works of the previously mentioned Garvey and Martin. Its important to remove the idea of forced diversity and multiculturalism, which doesn't work, especially in these modern times as the Jew is desperately waging war on us all. The Black race being the one they use additionally as tools and "troops" to bring about their communist revolution.

Black people are only tools in the Jewish plan. Always will be. The Jewish hold must be destroyed!

Jews are responsible for the decline and fall of the Black race:

Blacks and Jews

Satan and the Daemon Gods are the driving forces of racial evolution and advancement, they want this for all their creations. The races need to be separated with their own people in order to advance and carry out their full potential.

Hail Satan!

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