Welcome to Blacks for Satan. This is the Joy of Satan website for members of the Black race.

  If you have not visited the Joy of Satan website, please do. It is the foundation of our entire organization.

 Is the JoyofSatan racist?      


It is important for all new people to know the truth about Christianity and Islam. PLEASE READ THE LINK TO KNOW HOW  EVIL THEY ARE. WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO. LINK HERE


UPDATE:  My website was taken down less than 3 weeks of it being online.This shows how much this website exposes the enemy and how they have used and destroyed the Black Race. This is very serious. They want the Black race enslaved completely. If you think what the enemy is doing to our freedom won't effect you, then think again.

Please download and save this website  just in case my website goes down again. I will always be here to put it back up but it is best to be prepared if the site is temporarily down again.


PLEASE SPREAD THE WEBSITE ALL OVER -- We need to wake up as many Black people as possible!


**AUDIO FILES OF THE WEBSITE WILL BE UP SOON: for those who may have an issue with reading or no time to go through each article, listening to each one will be an available option**



Blacks for Satan is the resource site for those of the Black race who wish to develop and evolve by educating themselves on our race, spirituality, culture and who we are. In studying you will find that Satan is humanity's TRUE god and the pre-Christian pagan gods (Daemons) are humanity's trusted guides.

We realize our origins in our god Satan. We transform our souls through the daily practice of power meditation. Through this practice, we ascend to a higher level as the gods and manifest our true potential.


                          We Cherish our existence by embracing our own divinity!


                                                   Our Race Is Our Nation.

                                                              Hail Satan!


                                                 High Priestess Shannon




This website will be updated periodically. Knowledge is power and the key. We all must  continue to further educate ourselves as a people and only then will we truly be able to  grow and break the enemy's hold.



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