The biggest lie that has ever been forced on humanity is that of who our REAL creator truly is. It is time for this truth to be known.

Who is Satan?

Satan and the Daemon Gods have been with humanity since the beginning of our existence, and they were known by many names. They were the ones who gave us knowledge, ALL of our traditional culture and the ancient spiritual knowledge and wisdom way before the hideous programs of Christianity and Islam arrived.

Our real Gods have been labeled as evil and replaced with false ones who only wish to enslave us, It is all backwards. Even the enemy admits that Satan is the real God of Humanity. This website will show you and more.

All of the information on this website and on the Joy of Satan are years of hard work and research and finding in searching for these truths. Our past has been destroyed and covered up. Satan has guided us to all we have found and he encourages all of us to study and uncover our ancient history.

This website is to inform and connect all members of the Black race about our history with Satan and our original Demon Gods.

Satan is of the Nordic race of Gods (advanced Extraterrestrials)who set out to create the different races to become part of their cosmic family. The serpent/snake is among the most sacred and holy symbols in Satanism. You will find that in connection to the Black race, the Serpent is the symbol of spirituality, the divine and super consciousness in all traditional African religions. Unfortunately this symbol has been deemed evil by Christianity.

We will reclaim back our ancient Traditions, culture and bond with our creator.

When we dedicate ourselves to Satan, he and the Gods look out for and protect us, and help us advance to a higher level of existence.

All of the old Gods of humanity are Satan and the Daemons:

The Original Pre-Christian Gods

Why we use the name Satan

Hail Satan!

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