The Lie of Christianity and Islam

Update: The Gods have let us know that we are doing a good job at destroying the enemy with our efforts and rituals. Christianity and Islam are losing power. Hail Satan!

Christianity and Islam are the two most evil and horrific progams created by our enemy. The Jewish people are the ones who created these disgusting and false programs so that they can be the ones who take control of the world's wealth, spiritual power and assume the roles of GOD.

It is the reason we have so many problems in the world now. It is a goddamned shame. They have cursed humanity in the Bible and have caused things such as poverty and disaster to manifest dramatically.

Christianity and Islam are completely false. They are nothing but STOLEN ancient pagan/satanic material. They were taken from our own religious teachings from Satan and the Daemon Gods. This has been documented if anyone does their research. Even many Christians know this. The following websites have all the information you need to prove and show you EXACTLY what this is all about.

Christianity is a program used to enslave the Gentiles (non-Jews). Nothing positive has come from it. Please study and you will see the truth. Do not allow yourself to be tricked and made a slave. The truth can no longer be kept from us!

Exposing Christianity

Islam is another evil lie that has enslaved, corrupt and destroyed many lives. It is also something many black Gentiless are poisoned with. Please educate yourself so that you will no longer be fooled.

Exposing Islam

The Bible is just a tool used to spiritually and psychically control and enslave us. These curses are real and has manifested in this world. Christianity is a curse on us all.

The Bible is full of curses on all the different Gentiles races (non-Jews) See link below for more information.

The Jews have cursed the Black race in the Bible!

Biblical Curses on the Black Race!

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