The White Race

The Jew has done a great job at convincing the other races, especially the Black race, that the White race is our eternal enemy and that we will always be oppressed, held down and unsuccessful because of them. The Jewish owned media has also made anything involving the white race evil and racist.

The White race is another race from Satan, just like the rest of the races. They are our allies and comrades in this war against the Jews.

I already covered on this website the differences between Jews and the White race. Jews only claim to be white when it fits their agenda and disgusting plans to destroy the White race and enslave the rest of the races under Communism.

Jews are a separate race different from all Gentiles (non-Jews). Genetics prove this. Jews are NOT white, they admit this. Many Jews are very mixed with Gentile DNA especially the White race which is why it is easy to confuse the two.

If you have not, please read these two articles on Jews as a race and how they plan to enslave the nations under the New World Order-- The Jewish Race and Judaism and Communism

Jews are the one who have commited horrific crimes on the Black race, and they are the most racist of all! Blacks and Jews

The Jews are using the Black race as tools to destroy the White race. The Jews have pinned all their crimes on them. They are also desperately trying to put us against Whites to start a race war.

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