The One True Enemy

This page is dedicated to informing you all who the TRUE enemy is to all the Races of the world. This truth is coming out and many people are waking up to this. Please educate yourselves!

The following articles provided will show you the real fact of the matter.

The Enemy: The Jewish Race

The Myth of the Good Jew

Judaism and Communism

The Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft

The Jews created Islam

Kabbalah Exposed:

Exposing Jewish ritual magick, Curses and their plans to Enslave Us all

The Khazar Claim Debunked

The Jews Are Why We Are Suffering in this World

And Just in case you're still not convinced who the REAL enemy is, here are more links exposing JEWISH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY throughout history:

Jews own the Media

- they are able to control what most people watch and listen to. This is war!

Jewish Confessions

An online Library of all Jewish crimes. It is exhaustive.

Another documented history of Jewish Crimes

More Jewish crimes against the Gentiles (Non-Jews)

*This webpage is from a Christian's perspective, but it still has great information*

Jews are a race of people who are connected at the soul level; they are a war against Satan's creation- all the races of the world.

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