Understanding Black Identity

It is important to know the history of the Black race is in Africa. This is the place that Satan and our Gods put us to build our own civilization under their guidance and knowledge. Evidence of these societies are already seen in deeper Africa. There are many Black tribes that are connected with the ancestors and can recall their history up until the beginning of our creation, and that a group of extra-terrestrials created them.

We need to study Africa and not center ourselves around a false identity in the places outside of it. Africa is the place to study for real information.

Within the past century, there have been many false claims about the Black race. Alot of these claims are based on an inferiority complex, and a deep inclination towards feeling oppressed and almost worthless. This is seen over and over again --when anyone debunks or proves these claims wrong, the reaction from the Black person(s) are aggressive and or followed by calling anyone racist, etc

This is the extent of the situaton today. Many Blacks feel that holding on to these claims of false identity will keep them from feeling inferior and less of a race.

The enemy has worked tremendously to weaken and keep bound the Black race, just like they do with all the other races. It is psychological warfare. For this reason, it would be wise to not pay attention to claims about the Black race that come from outside of Africa.

The True History of the Black race is in Africa.

This section is devoted to debunking the false claims of black identity in order to restore racial truth and integrity.

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