Get Your Revenge And Your Power!

After reading the Blacks for Satan website, all of you should be pissed off and ready take back control of your lives and take down the Enemy, who are the Jewish race. The crimes of the Jews MUST COME TO AN END.

I already covered on this website how the Jews are the ones responsible for making us all poor, in poverty and struggling. They have take control of our resources, destroyed nations and caused disease and countless suffering. They have all the money. Ever noticed that? Jews control the wealth, the governement and money. No more of this shit!

The next time you or a loved one is struggling financially, have no money to buy food or pay rent, or have no money for medical bills, the next time you see a homeless person on the street and anything related to poverty, think of the Jews who are responsible and created this disgusting system we live in today.

We are law abiding but the good thing is there are no laws against spiritual retaliation and attacks. We can fight back this way.

The Jews have cursed ALL of us for centuries! This is through magick, energy work and rituals which they do out of their book the Torah and on their shit holidays, they do this every year. Blood sacrifices included!

*A history of Jewish ritual magick and Blood sacrifice: All you need to know about Jews and how they have sacrificed Gentiless for their curses*

Because of their curses on us, we have lost alot of spiritual power- they have bound Satan's kundalini energy in us and the Jewish curses on us have to do with money too. Their curses also keep us spiritually and psychically closed off.

Satan and the Gods have given us the ultimate tool in destroying the Jews: This is the Reverse Torah ritual. We have weakened the enemy so much that this is the final and most important one. The RTR reverses and destroy all the Jewish curses on humanity and this strips them and destroys their power! It really works! We are doing it everyday.

The Catholic church is falling and the Jews are losing power because of this ritual and it will only get better.

In doing this ritual, it will benefit you greatly. It will open up your power, make you see things clearly, open you up spiritually and psychically and also help you better your life. Remember that the Jewish curses also have to do with money so doing these riruals will also help you financially when done over time.

Many of us have had very positive and intense intense experiences in doing this ritual constantly. The body will start to move or sway in a rocking positon, which shows that the curses that bind the soul are being removed. This really works. We are all different and so the types of experiences vary. Be warned though that if you have not performed the dedication ritual to Satan, then you might be subject to the enemy who will try to stop you from doing this ritual. They really want us to fail but the Gods protect us. Dedication Ritual to Satan

Do this ritual for your benefit and for our ancient ancestors who suffered because of the Jews. They have attacked us many times because of the power behind these rituals.

Here is the Reverse Torah Ritual
How to do the ritual

*Note- the ritual can be done without the paper. All you have to do is visualize the letters disappearing, burning or just losing power*

Enjoy and take pride that you are freeing humanity and yourself. Be patient also as these curses are very strong and the ritual must be repeated.

Hail Satan!

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