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The races of the world have received sacred knowledge and spiritual teachings from the Gods and through these teachings, each race had established a priesthood and culture unique to them.

On the subject of the Black race and the gods, I was pointed out by Lilith on the Egyptian  Gods and their close ties with Blacks and traditional African religion.

Traditional African religion ties with the Egyptian daemon gods, such as Amun Ra, Thoth, Sekhmet, Isis, Maat, Raum, Osiris and Horus, who did influence and have close relations to the Gentiles of Africa. I will especially point out the Dogon, Yoruba and Zulu people in deeper Africa (West and South).

The Dogons did have the same knowledge the Egyptians did and you can see this in their priesthood, cosmology, astronomical teachings, similar Vedic symbols and culture.  

8 of the paired god and goddesses of pre-creation in the Egyptian Ogdoad are related to Dogon cosmology of creation and their eight "ancestors" of pre-creation which are also paired gods and goddesses. The Egyptian god Amun is associated with the Dogon god Amma,  the Dogon jackal that guards the "second world" corresponds to Egyptian god Anubis who was symbolized by a jackal that guards the underworld and so fourth.

Cultural comparisons range from the type of rituals and rites performed, calendars observed, festivals and holidays, modes of dress for the priests and in their linguistics.The Dogon's culture and belief system is spiritual and scientific. Like the Egyptians spirituality, were based on the soul's perfection and the serpentine energies.

The Zulu Africans in South Africa has some artifacts that hold symbols of alchemy on them as the Egyptian and Eastern Vedics. In parts of South Africa, I have noticed inscriptions of the ankh and eye of Horus and there are areas of Africa that served as temples for the gods. This is documented in the book "Temples of the African gods" and further shows evidence of Egyptian culture and spirituality in deep Africa.

The Yoruba can be especially noted since they also share many principal gods, customs, magickal practices and religion that the gentiles in Egypt did. Archaeological, anthropological and linguistic evidence points to the Yoruba being derivative of ancient Egypt. More than 50% percent of Yoruba vocabulary can be deduced from ancient Egypt directly or indirectly.

 I also note that the Orishas of the Yoruba coincide with many of the Egyptian Neteru. The Yoruba word for Hidden is Amon. The Dogon, the Egyptians and the Yoruba all use the word Amun, Amma and Amon to mean "hidden" or "concealed". The gods of Egypt have many variations in the west African vocabulary but they all have similar meanings.


Additionally, In Bantu language (used all over Central Africa and South), the word for Law is Amaateka, Amaat-egeko and Maateka and Maa. These all mean fulfillment and observances of principle and law in society. This is of the Egyptian Daemon Goddess Maat, who is of truth, regulation, justice and law.

Traditional Rwandan and Burundi dances celebrate Maat, divine law and aesthetic harmony and the dances mimic the feathers of Maat with the hand and arm gestures and body balance. Traditional Kemetic/Egyptian head bands are used in the dance and were traditional made of papyrus.

There are many Egyptian god names in Bantu that are included in everyday use by African peoples such as Horus and Hora, Amen Ra and Imanrwa, Set and Sata, Isis and Isi/Sia/Msis, etc. The list goes on. The Egyptian god Ra in Bantu is still the same with Re and Rarae being variants. Ra in Bantu means father, deity, and addressed to highly respected men.

I recommend all blacks to do additional research on this if interested. The amount of information on this subject is impressive.

**The Egyptians were not originally black but the Black race has close ties with the gods who have bestowed to them their culture and philosophies.** The chief god of Nubia, which was also inhabited by black gentiles at some point in the south, was Apedemak. Apedemak is another persona of the Egyptian war goddess Sekhmet. 

The Ancient Egyptians

The Gods of Hell/Duat have influenced all of gentile humanity but from my research and what has been pointed out to me, the Egyptian gods are especially responsible for influencing the black race in the region of Africa. The Gods traditionally ruled specific places on earth and different gentile peoples. The Egyptian gods are still worshiped, respected and remembered in Africa through traditional religion, customs and cultural beliefs. Kemetism.

Vodun/Voodoo and other traditional African religion ties in with it as well as they all come from a common source. 

**To clarify and set the record straight, the Egypt as we know was established and settled originally by whites out of the east and then during the later dynasty, blacks were there.

It has been documented on the migration of the Aryan whites. Much of North Africa and some many parts of East Africa are inhabited by those of Eurasian descent to this day. When you look to the Arab slave trade and waves of migration, you can see the result of variations in the physical make up of the people in those areas.

There were Blacks in Egypt and Nubia and other neighboring areas as they are still part of the African continent and assimilation did happen and so did some exchange of culture and spiritual knowledge, but the fact remains that the knowledge and teachings of these cultures came from the SAME SOURCE and so the focus of this article was to point out the relations of the Egyptian Daemon gods and the Black race.


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"Temples of the African Gods" by Michael tellinger
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