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Voodoo and Vodun 


The religion of Voodoo comes from the West African Vodun tradition and so this article will focus primarily on the the original Vodun. Voodoo practiced in Haiti and the Americas is more so a mix up of traditional African religions with some European and Native Indian Influence. It also has been heavily infested with Christianity as well.

Vodun is an ancestral and nature based following in which spiritual transformation is attained via the direct communication with gods of nature.

It is a very old religion. Some scholars even estimate that it may be almost 10,000 years old.

Whatever the case may be, Vodun has gone through much corruption and transition since the arrival of Christianity and with thousands of years of enemy attack. Many Vodun priests and practitioners were killed and some imprisoned over the course of hundreds of years. Shrines and many places of worship were destroyed over the course of this time. Only recently has Vodun in Africa  been practiced openly and freely without socio-political attack.

Since the Black race's history has been based on oral traditions and each tribe having keepers of the tradition, the traditional religions that have been infiltrated have distortion but on the upside, many tribes in Africa who have avoided a significant amount of enemy persecution can recall their existence and traditions all the way back to the beginning. 

*The African word 'Vodun' is similar to Vodan/Wodan/Wod/Odin (the same in European paganism. Wodan and Odin are the gods the white europeans also worshipped. They are connected since all ancient Pagan and Satanic religions of the world came from Satan and the gods, regardless of race)

The V in Vodun indicates the Mercury or in other words, the serpent life force. The kundalini. The same can also be said for the O. Words and vowels have power. This is the power of speech and letters.*

The Vodun god most commonly referred to as Legba is the chief god and Solar archetype of the religion. He is the highest honored and widely worshiped god in the Vodun pantheon. In rituals he must be invoked and acknowledged first in order for communication between humans and the gods to be

The Black Africans say that he is the way to all of the gods and opener of the gates. Most of us involved deeply in ancient spirituality know that the word "GATES" is a code word for the chakras in many old pagan spiritual concepts, not just in black spirituality.

In African Vodun, Legba is depicted as a virile horned being with an erect phallus vs the Hatian Voodoo depiction of him as an old man on a crutch.

The horns, like that of the Mercury glyph and in ancient spirituality, represent the perfected life force and power. Gods were almost always depicted with horns to reperesent their elevated spiritual state.The phallus is liken to the spine which the serpent energy flows upward. It is the kundalini fully arisen. He is also the god of creative healing and sexuality.

The veve/symbol of Legba (pictured below ) is identical to the equal armed cross symbol that represents the 4 corners, 4 elements and cardinal directions, as well as the perfected aligned soul. Its no coincidence that Legba represents the elevated soul energy as well.

Legba/ Papa Legba is an allegory for the bioelectric energy and the life force that empowers the chakras and soul.


*Legba is also an aspect of Satan. In Africa there are still many statues and altar areas with depictions of him. Legba was said to have given his people the power of the oracle and divination to help them direct their fate.*

Another god or force in Vodun is Da, the rainbow serpent. The rainbow serpent is the kundalini. Da is said to carry all the messages of the gods (chakras) and ascends to heaven in the form of a rainbow. This is the kundalini serpent rising up to the crown chakra.

*Above veve of Danmbala, its clear that this represents the kundalini serpent rising up from the base of spine and causing super consciousness and divine power

Da is also known as Dangbe, Dan, Aido Wedo, Danmbala and Damballah (in the Haitian Voodoo pantheon). All these are aspects of the great cosmic serpent. The primordial energy, the ever moving force. There are still temples and shrines in honor of Da and so, pythons and snakes are sacred in many parts of Africa just like in many pagan religions across the world. 

*The rainbow serpent is a symbol in many of the black race's mythology. As well as Serpents and snakes (kundalini) residing in water (life force and feminine principle).*

In Vodun, the basis of the whole practice is to achieve spiritual transformation by making sacrifices to the gods. In Vodun, all of its practitioners put emphasis on feeding the gods and that the gods are alive because they are worshiped and that it is humans that keep the gods alive. The gods are indeed the chakras.

The sacrifice is advancing our souls and doing the daily practice of meditation to reach a higher level of existence.

In Voodoo, you will also see that Veves (symbols of the gods) are used to contact them. The Veves look identical to the the Daemon goetic symbols. The Daemon gods mentioned that some of the Voodoo Veves are based off of their sigils.

With Vodun/Voodoo dancing, it was a method used to achieve union with the body and to achieve spiritual transformation. The dancers would enter into a trance and the Shakti energy would activate flowing upward in the spine and the astral senses opened. This is why dancing is a big part of African culture. It is expressive and spiritual.

Now, when one looks further into Vodun and Voodoo, you will come across blood sacrifices of animals and humans (not as common nowadays) and possessions.

The blood sacrificing is not the original Vodun way. Satan and the Daemons would not allow or condone this. It is apparent that the blood sacrificing is of the enemy.
They say that the 'gods' demand the blood sacrifices because it feeds them and if one does not give the gods attention then they can reek chaos in your life. The bigger the sacrifice and greater the blood, the more the 'god' may feel obligated to grant favors of protection and such.

The enemy gods have taken over and infiltrated this religion. Over time, the African slaves syncretized and included Christianity and its saints with Voodoo in order to hide their ancestral practice but with this, has come a big infiltration. The enemy entities parading around aasn angeks and saints in Christinaity mixed and infested with Voodoo and now the entities are the ones who contact the Voodoo practitioners. It is obvious that many of the Loa are thoughtforms or enemy entities.

The enemy are the ones who benefit from and demand blood sacrifices. The same occurrence goes for the Aztecs and other cultures. This is clear infiltration. I am further disgusted because many who have ignored the 'gods' and haven't given them a sacrifice have been known to cause chaos in the practitioners life and even go after their children...

This is not of Satan. Children and animals are sacred in Spirirual Satanism.

Further more, during Vodun ceremony, many are possessed while invoking these 'gods' and ultimately black out. This happens during ceremony while participants dance and enter trance. They come out of possession with no memory of what happened. These 'gods' who have taken over their bodies have been known to do things that include, trivial dancing, eating glass and destroying clothing or items or causing death or accident because the participant was overwhelmed.  Nothing is ever truly gained. 

Our pagan traditions have been distorted and attacked for thousands of years but from doing my research on Vodun, I see the beauty that once was in this practice. Of course some of the base practices still are in tact. There are still ceremonies where an initiate 'dies' and is reborn into the new serpent priesthood.

In essence, Vodun is the remains of a rich satanic tradition based off of one's spiritual elevation and acknowledgement of our god Satan as the way to spiritual growth.

Hail Satan!

*voodoo ceremony photo from Okhaiti*
*legba photo by moi_of_ra
*legba photo by b.c holmes

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